CAFFE ITALO Italian Coffee House

CAFFE ITALO Italian Coffee House is one of the pioneers implementing the brand new high-tech processes for coffee production. Due to its excellent qualities, natural ingredients and rich flavours CAFFE ITALO coffee deserves to be considered the exclusive coffee.

From the moment of its foundation CAFFE ITALO coffee house pays special attention to adhering to the Italian coffee traditions, selection of the best coffee beans and searching the ways of maximum revealing of natural coffee flavour and aroma.   

A new CAFFE ITALO factory is equipped with the modern facilities and the latest technologies have been implemented here. The quality control at each production stage has reached the highest level of performance. Compliance with standards is the result of labour of the experienced, professional, specially trained staff.

A powerful technological base, own recipes and, of course, love to coffee allow creating innovative products which is of high demand among the coffee connoisseurs in different countries. Professional experience in advanced technologies implementation and permanent commitment to excellence of the best roasters, technologists, designers guarantee uninterrupted development of the company and introduction of astonishing and unique specialties from CAFFE ITALO in the world of coffee.